Hi, all. I just wanted to give you an update on why I haven't been blogging in the last couple of days. Ingrid and I are currently dealing with a veterinary emergency. We had to take our cat Violet to the emergency vet on Tuesday morning, and she had surgery today. They found two bleeding ulcers, which they removed.

The good news is that the surgery went well, and she's currently stable. We visited her tonight after the surgery: she was doped up, but she definitely recognized us and was happy to see us and be petted by us. They don't know for sure when she can come home, but they said "soon." We're hoping that means tomorrow, but don't know for sure.

The bad news is that we are not out of the woods yet. They don't yet know why she got the ulcers, and that's kind of a big question. Cats apparently don't get ulcers very often (it's not like they have a lot of stress at the office), and when they do it can be a sign of something bad. The vet did a zillion biopsies and other tests, and will have results for us in about 3-5 days. So while she seems to be out of immediate danger right now, we won't know for a few days whether we're looking at a larger problem or just at a basic recovery from surgery. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I may not be blogging much in the next couple/few days. I'll try to put some stuff up from my archives or do a repost or two, but this is taking a lot of time and attention as well as emotional energy, and not yet knowing what we're dealing with is very difficult. It may be a few days before I'm back to my usual bloggy self. In the meantime, give your pets and other loved ones a hug. I'll talk to you soon.


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    Oh no. My sympathies, Greta, and my best wishes for Violet. As a cat person myself, I know how it is – I’ll be hoping she gets better soon.

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    Best of luck with Violet – I know it can be really tough when pets get sick. We lost our kitty to throat cancer a few years back and it was a very trying, painful experience.

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    I hope you get some clues. A good pathologist can tell you a lot. Stress is a bad time to write, but a good time to think; thoughts you wouldn’t normally have come to the surface. If you want to work on your writer’s craft, jot down ideas.

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    Don’t worry about us, worry about doing the things you need to do to get yourself through this, physically and emotionally. We’re here if you need someone to rant at, but otherwise take a nice bath and don’t let the worries overcrowd you. We all wish you and Violet well. *snugs for you and kitty*

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    I am really sorry about your kitty’s issues. I’m catching up on your blog, but I wanted to wish you well. It is very difficult when our babies are not well…

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