Star Trek Meets Monty Python, or, The Geekiest Thing in the Universe This Week

Oh, my sweet Loki.

I am speechless.

It’s a montage of video clips from Star Trek (Original Series), arranged to the “Camelot” song from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

And I am embarassed to admit that it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Not to mention how embarassed I am to admit that I recognized almost every one of the clips. My geek badge of shame is shining brightly this week.

Video below the fold (since putting it above the fold mucks up my archives).

My favorite bit… actually, that’s hard to say. I really just love the whole thing: how well it was edited, how cleverly the clips were chosen, how well they fit the song. But if I had to pick a favorite bit, I think it’d have to be Spock saying, “It’s only a model.” Perfect. That, plus “I have to push the pram a lot.” Inspired.

Oh, dear. The geek badge is shining very brightly indeed. What’s your favorite bit? I don’t want to be alone in my shame.

Star Trek Meets Monty Python, or, The Geekiest Thing in the Universe This Week

14 thoughts on “Star Trek Meets Monty Python, or, The Geekiest Thing in the Universe This Week

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    Normally I’m proud to say I’m a geek, but in this case I’m embarassed to admit I’m a geek who has never seen the original Star Trek. Nevertheless, this is hilarious!

  2. 4

    Thanks, I needed a laugh just now! Actually, I can’t identify any of the clips; I was briefly a Trekkie, but didn’t live in the US when it was originally aired so could only see it in reruns. For any Star Trek series, no matter how many episodes it ran to, there seems to be a law of the universe such that, if you turn on the TV at random to catch a rerun, it will almost always be an episode you’ve already seen.

  3. 5

    Python + Trek – Way to make my day!
    That video is pure genius. And don’t worry, I too recognized almost every clip. As for a favourite part, I hard to say, but I think I have to go with the “pram a lot” part

  4. 9

    Brilliant! I had a time of it keeping my laughter under control (still at work – couldn’t wait until I got home to see this).
    As for the geek factor, I recall a midnight showing of MP & the HG, when the sound cut out, people started to leave, but my chums and I stuck around and supplied all the appropriate dialog! Much more fun, actually . . .

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    Thanks so much for finding this! Simply brilliant, I say. I was never a Trekkie per se, but when I was 7 years old I thought Kirk was the cutest thing ever.
    Great way to brighten my day.

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