The Simpsons Church Sign Generator

I ran across this when I was hunting for images to illustrate my Non-Science of Intelligent Design piece. It’s unbelievably nifty, and I thought I should share the wealth and the glory.

It’s the Simpsons Church Sign Generator.

It’s a website/ widget that lets you put any text you want onto the sign in front of the Simpsons church. Blasphemy, obscenity, stupid jokes, football scores, total gibberish — whatever you want. As long as the text fits… and you can change the font size, so it’s fairly easy to get longer or shorter text fitting snugly into the sign.

Like this:


Or this, from the Duelling Billboards comment thread (thanks, Mark!):


Or this, inspired by my cat’s newfound worship of the Norse gods:


I’ve used other image generators before for this blog — most notably a gravestone generator and a newspaper headline generator. But this one totally takes the prize, and I suspect that you’ll be seeing a lot of it in the months to come.

BTW, the Simpsons Church Sign Generator site does link to some regular Church Sign Generator sites as well, using photographs of actual church signs as their templates. But somehow, that doesn’t seem right to me. I don’t like having words put in my mouth, and I don’t feel right putting my words in the mouth of actual, literal churches.

I am, however, perfectly happy to put my words in the mouth of the Reverend Lovejoy. Fictional ministers seem like fair game to me.

So go forth and spread the gospel of the Good Reverend Lovejoy. Whatever you decide that is. And if you put your own made-up Simpsons church signs on your blog, please drop me a comment and let me know.

The Simpsons Church Sign Generator
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6 thoughts on “The Simpsons Church Sign Generator

  1. 2

    Woohoo! I’ve made like 2 posts to any blogs, ever, and here I am mentioned in the text of this one due to my previous intense geekiness!
    I R 133t!
    …I love the sign generator, too.
    …thanks, Greta.

  2. 4

    I’ve seen the “takes half damage from the fireball” one before somewhere. There, it was actually the setup for a punchline:
    “Yeah, right. Like the Son of God wouldn’t have Evasion.”

  3. 5

    Konrad — I grew up with 2nd edition rules. No evasion there. 🙂
    But that’s true… if any gods exist, they would probably have evasion.

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