Skeptics’ Circle #76

Skeptics’ Circle #76 is up at Aardvarchaeology. My piece in this circle: True or False? Helpful or Harmful? The Two Different Arguments About Religion. My favorite other pieces in this circle: Section the second: The Evil Dictators Argument by Whiskey Before Breakfast, on why the 20th century was not the bloodiest century in history — and why the regimes of Stalin and Mao, appalling as they were, don’t compare with crimes against humanity from previous centuries. And in a lighter vein, there’s Better Than Sylvia from Skeptico, summing up his “psychic” predictions for 2007… and comparing them to predictions made by actual self-proclaimed psychics.

If you’re a skeptical blogger and want to participate in the Skeptic’s Circle, here’s the guidelines, schedule, and submission info. Happy reading, and happy blogging!

Skeptics’ Circle #76

One thought on “Skeptics’ Circle #76

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    I really enjoyed the Skeptico piece on psychic predictions. Perhaps we could play a game like that here, a la the Harry Potter prediction contest. We all make 10 predictions and see if we can beat the annual psychic blah blah blah.
    By the way, did you read the New Yorker article explaining how criminal “profilers” use much the same strategies as so-called psychics, with similar accuracy?

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