Carnival of the Godless #79, and Humanist Symposium #11

Carnival time again!

The Humanist Symposium #11 is up at The Greenbelt. The Humanist Symposium is probably my favorite blog carnival; it’s the godless carnival that focuses on the positive side of non-belief. My piece in this Symposium: Godless is the New Black: Is Atheism Just a Trend? My favorite other pieces: Life Without Death at Questions and Chaos, a beautiful exploration of why the finality of death is such a necessary part of life; and Join Me in Welcoming … (Name Withheld), an extremely touching piece on the difficulties of being in the atheist closet.

And Carnival of the Godless #79 is up at Sexy Secularist. My pieces in this Carnival: “A Relationship Between Physical Things”: Yet Another Rant On What Consciousness And Selfhood Might Be, and the abovementioned Godless is the New Black: Is Atheism Just a Trend?. My favorite other pieces in this Carnival: Margaret Somerville is at it again from Metamagician and the Hellfire Club, on why a visceral “yuck” reaction does not constitute a serious ethical position, and Your Almighty Update at Riding With Rickey, a very funny piece on the latest manifestation of the Divine in a food substance.

If you’re a godless blogger and want to participate in the Carnivals, it’s easy. Here are the submission forms for the Carnival of the Godless and the Humanist Symposium. See you in the atheosphere!

Carnival of the Godless #79, and Humanist Symposium #11