Hometown Girl Makes Good


Hey, this is neat.

If you live in Chicago, get a copy of today’s Sunday Sun-Times. My piece on how same-sex marriage will, in fact, change marriage for everyone — and why that’s a good thing — is in their Sunday “Controversy” section. Practically a full page, according to my brother. (Alas, they don’t have the article up on their Website, so I can’t link you to it. It’s on my blog, the How Gay Marriage Is Destroying Normal Marriage — No, Really piece.)

This is my first piece in a major big-city daily newspaper (not counting letters to the editor, of course). So that’s very exciting. And it’s extra-neat that my first foray into a major big-city daily newspaper is in my hometown paper. I’m all a-twitter with girlish glee. Thanks to AlterNet for putting the piece on their site; that’s how the Sun-Times found it. Yay!

Hometown Girl Makes Good

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