Carnival of the Godless #76

Carnival of the Godless #76 is up at A Load of Bright. They were kind enough to include my piece Good Cop, Bad Cop: Atheist Activism (a piece of which I’m unusually proud), so many thanks for that.

My favorite pieces in this week’s carnival:

Clearing the Ground by Ebon Muse at Daylight Atheism, on why it’s absurd to assume that, in the debates between passionate believers and passionate non-believers, the truth must always lie somewhere in the middle. (BTW, this piece links to another piece by Ebon, The Golden Mean, a more detailed piece also on the fallacy of thinking that the moderate/ middle view is always the right one, which is absolutely brilliant and not to be missed.)

Deluded about Dawkins by No More Mr. Nice Guy, eloquently respnding to criticisms of The God Delusion and pointing out that many critics of Dawkins seem to have not actually read him

And Atheism Does Not Require Faith by Vjack at Atheist Revolution, who clearly and concisely points out the flaw in the “atheism requires just as much faith as religion” argument.

Great stuff. As one commenter on the Carnival noted, “This is better than settling in with the Sunday Times.”

If you’re a godless blogger and want to get in on this hot, hot Carnival of the Godless action, check out their guidelines and use their submission form. Happy blogging!

Carnival of the Godless #76