Skeptic’s Circle #69

Skeptic’s Circle #69 is up in two different formats: an entertaining Old West narrative for those who are entertained by such things, and a Plain Jane “here are a bunch of links” format for those who are either less whimsical or less patient. Thanks to Unscrewing the Inscrutable for hosting, and for including my pieces Literally and Does The Emperor Have Clothes? Religion and the Destructive Force of Asking Questions.

If you’re a skeptical blogger and want to participate in the Skeptic’s Circle, you can find their archives, schedule, and guidelines for submissions here.

FYI, I’m still on the road and will be for a few more days, but I hope to do at least one more bit of actual blogging before I return. Thanks for your patience. Photos of the Berwyn Spindle and some very cute kittens are forthcoming on our return.

Skeptic’s Circle #69