Carnival of Feminists #43

The Carnival of Feminists #43 went up today, with a great collection of feminist blogging. This is the first time I’ve been in this carnival, and I feel a little silly that my debut wasn’t my piece on hate crime laws or sex education or even Christopher Hitchens, but my silly little piece on Angelina Jolie and Us Magazine. But there you have it. You go to the carnivals with the blog you have. Anyway, there’s some good feminist blogging there, and I encourage all y’all to check it out.

Carnival of Feminists #43

One thought on “Carnival of Feminists #43

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    Actually I think the Jolie piece is important, because for most of us it’s the thousand “silly” little things that we ignore that add up and make life that much more difficult. Just think what we could do with all the energy we use not reacting to all the stupid little sexist remarks we try to ignore each day because we don’t have the time to deal with all of them. Not to mention those kinds of things are the smoke that signal there is still a fire there.

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