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Gotta say, I’m enjoying this Blowfish Blog gig. It’s forcing me to write something thoughtful and meaty and at least semi-serious at least once a week, which is hard but also kind of the point of me being a writer. And it’s neat to be getting paid to blog. When I’m feeling cranky and jealous of writers who are more successful than I am, I have to remind myself that plenty of writers would kill for that.

And speaking of jealousy, my latest piece for the Blowfish Blog just went up today, and it’s on that very topic. It’s called “On Jealousy” (hey, sometimes I’m good with the clever titles and sometimes I’m not), and here’s the teaser:

If your partner is casually attracted to other people, it doesn’t mean they have a serious desire to screw around on you. It just means that they’re, you know, alive. Human beings are animals, and a healthy human being with a healthy sexual appetite is going to get a hard cock/ wet pussy when they’re around other human beings who look like hot stuff.

To read the rest of the piece… well, you know what to do. Enjoy!

On Jealousy: The Blowfish Blog

3 thoughts on “On Jealousy: The Blowfish Blog

  1. 1

    I’ve always agreed with Betty Dodson that jealousy is repressed sexuality and that people should feel silly being jealous. The best way (she says) to stop being jealous is to look at a gargoyle and see the absurdly horrified facial expression.

  2. Deb

    I always thought jealousy was a lack of pussy/cock confidence. When you know what finger you are (so to speak) you don’t get jealous, you get yourself invited along.

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