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Astute observers of this blog may have noticed a recent change — I’ve begun accepting advertising.

This wasn’t the conclusion of any great moral dilemma or anything. It’s just that the opportunity only recently presented itself. I was just invited to join BlogAds, a network of bloggers organized into hives so potential advertisers can find them. Many other blogs that I like and respect are part of this network, and I jumped at the chance as fast as I could.

And I have my very first ad — appropriately enough, from a gay atheist activist artist. Neat!

Like I said, this wasn’t some big moral dilemma for me. My goal for some time now has been to make a living — or something resembling a living — as a writer. I love blogging with a passion, but until now it’s only ever benefited me professionally in an indirect way, by publicizing my writing and getting it out to a wider audience. That’s not trivial… but there have been times, when I’ve been up blogging until four in the morning several nights in a row, when I’ve wondered whether this was really the best use of my time and energy. If I can bring in a little money selling ads on the blog, then it makes sense for me to keep on blogging.

So if you like this blog, and you want me to be able to keep writing it, there’s now something you can do to help. No, I don’t mean “advertise in my blog” (although if you have a business you’d like to hawk, we should talk).

No, what you can do is this: Tell your friends about this blog. If you see a post you particularly like, email a few friends about it. The more traffic I get here, the easier it’ll be for me to sell more ads. And if I can keep selling ads, then I can keep justifying the ridiculous amount of time I spend here. Thanks.

This Space Available

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