The Truth about 4/29: What “They” Don’t Want You to Know

This is serious, people.

Really, really serious.


4/ A Campaign to Expose the Truth of 4/29

Spread the word, people! The so-called “media” is stonewalling this story. (We all know who THEY’RE controlled by, don’t we?) And be sure to read the comments — that’s where the REAL truth about this so-called “accident” starts to unfold.

No, really.

(Thanks to my dear friend and fellow truth-seeker Chip, for opening my eyes to this. You’re the real hero of 4/29, man!)

The Truth about 4/29: What “They” Don’t Want You to Know
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3 thoughts on “The Truth about 4/29: What “They” Don’t Want You to Know

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    There was no tanker!
    If you want to know who was behind 4/29, ask yourself ‘who benefits?’
    The public transit authorities!
    BART will receive millions in extra subsidies for the ‘free days’ and tons of extra ridership for months.
    Buses needed to carry people to Bart stations.
    And most importantly,Ferries will be extra crowded. Ferries play a big role in 4/29. See Ferries sound like faeries, which is a slang word for ‘gay’, and the numbers 429 spell out ‘gay’ on a phone dial. It’s right there, 429 was concocted by radical gay activists at the behest of their shadowy public transit authority masters.

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