Dream diary, 10/20/06: Illeana Douglas and the Oakland A’s

I dreamed that I was going to an Oakland A’s baseball game, and was just finding my seat when an usher told me I had to move. They were setting aside the section I was in for the hearing-impaired, and were shuffling people around to make that happen. I was irritated — I had a good seat, and I thought they could have handled this better in advance — but agreed to move as long as I moved to an equally good seat.

On the way to my new seat, I ran into the actress Illeana Douglas, who was doing some sort of charity work connected with the game, and was helping arrange the hearing-impaired section. We started chatting — I’d never met her before, but she was very smart and sweet and interesting, and asked me lots of questions about my tattoos and my new book project. We hit it off really well, and I decided I should Google her after the game to see if I could get in touch with her again.

When I found my new seat, though, I was really annoyed. They had seated me in a section that was facing away from the baseball field, where you couldn’t watch the game live — you had to watch it on a bank of televisions. The seats were filled with kids — it was clearly the “kids’ table” of the stadium, where people stuck their kids so they wouldn’t have to sit with them at the game — and the fact that I’d been stuck there was almost as insulting as the fact that they’d made me leave my good seat and expected me to be happy watching the game on TV. I left the stadium in a state of high dudgeon, vowing to never go back.

Dream diary, 10/20/06: Illeana Douglas and the Oakland A’s

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