I don’t normally use this blog to update the world on my progress at the gym, as it’s hard for me to imagine anything more boring to anyone other than my immediate circle of friends. But yesterday for the first time I bench-pressed 60 pounds, and I just had to brag about it.

Woo-hoo! I can bench-press 60 pounds! Hooray for me!

It may not seem like that much — God knows there are plenty of people at the gym doing twice that and more. But considering that I started at 30 — and that was a challenge — I’m feeling pretty gosh-darned proud of myself.

Thanks to Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” for helping to get me over the hump. Best bench-pressing music ever. And thanks to Ingrid for convincing me to start going to the gym in the first place. Who knew that lifting weights would actually be fun?