Dream diary, 7/22/06: Art boots

I dreamed that SF MOMA (the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) had a shoe store next to the museum. Ingrid and I had just been to the museum exhibit with the enormous interactive gyroscopic space-chair by Matthew Barney, and we stopped to look at the MOMA shoe store’s window display. There was an exhibit/sale on psychedelic boots, with two gorgeous pairs on a special display stand in the center of the store. I figured they’d be much too expensive — probably hundreds of dollars or even thousands — but I went in anyway just to check, and it turned out they were on super-discounted sale for less than a hundred bucks each, so I tried them on. The pair I liked best — the low-heeled purple and blue sequined ankle boots — didn’t fit, but the knee-high boots with the orange swirls and the blocky ’70s-style high heels fit perfectly, and looked amazing. I was very excited, since most tall boots don’t fit over my calves, but I never ever wear high heels, and I was debating whether I should buy them when the dream ended. I woke up thinking, “Of course you should buy the damn boots!”

P.S. The boots in the picture don’t actually look that much like the boots in the dream. They were the best I could find in a Google image search under “psychedelic” + “boots.”

P.P.S. The Matthew Barney exhibit at SF MOMA didn’t actually have an enormous interactive gyroscopic space-chair. Too bad. It would have been a lot more interesting if it did.

Dream diary, 7/22/06: Art boots