You Get to Shape the Future of this Blog!

Well, parts of it. Plus storm damage! And kitties!

So, last night, I really dug in to Richard Waitt’s new Mount St. Helens book:

Photo of my copy of Richard Waitt's In the Path of Destruction, which has a black and white photo of Mount St. Helens erupting.

This is like magic and I’m loving it so much! A geologist wrote about all the human drama, so my book can focus mostly on the geological drama, and I can point people to this book as a companion if they’re like, “But what about teh hoominz?!” It’s so incredibly nice to know I have a meticulously sourced, thoroughly researched, and well-written book penned by a USGS geologist who worked on Mount St. Helens during the 1980 eruptions. I’m only a few chapters in, and it’s already delish. I’ve learned things about the people involved I never knew before. The seismological drama is intense! And there’s a nice interweaving of the geological and human aspects.

So, here’s where you get to decide the future: Continue reading “You Get to Shape the Future of this Blog!”

You Get to Shape the Future of this Blog!

Taking Some Time Away

On top of everything else going down, B and I ended our two year relationship yesterday, so expect me to be scarce for a little while. I’m sorry, I just can’t even right now. I’ll be back eventually, and hopefully there will be future adventures with B – just this time, we’ll be out as friends rather than mates.

It’s going to take some time before I’m all right with this. He is the person I would’ve liked to have spent an appreciable portion of the rest of my life with, but we couldn’t work through some of the more serious issues. It happens. Sucks, but happens. Continue reading “Taking Some Time Away”

Taking Some Time Away

Another Possible Major Life Change Ahead…

So, I’m thinking of breaking up with B.

He’s a great person, and I know he loves me a lot. He’s even said so. I love him, too. He’s got his quirks and rough edges that sometimes grate, but everyone’s got those. What he’s got that’s the potential deal-breaker, though, is brothers he won’t stand up to. And I’m so done with that.

It’s been festering a long time. Younger Bro hasn’t liked me since I asked him not to tell rape jokes in my presence. He’s convinced himself feminists are some sort of evil man-hating force out to destroy men, and won’t listen when B tries to tell him otherwise. He’s not an MRA yet, and he thinks GamerGate is bullshit, so there’s hope. But bringing him around would take an enormous amount of effort. I’d be willing to try, but… he’s not the only one. Continue reading “Another Possible Major Life Change Ahead…”

Another Possible Major Life Change Ahead…

Adorable Pictures of the New Kitty, and a Very Odd Song

People, it’s been A Day. We’re still having record-high heat, which is just spiffy when you’re trying to sort out your boxes and unpack crap in a house with no air conditioning. B’s older brother is driving him up all the walls and across the ceiling. He’s one of those control freaks who wants everyone to arrange their lives to his satisfaction, and doesn’t give a single shit what the people in question actually want or need to do. This means Montana is even more in the cards than before, because B wants to get the hell away from him, and it’s really hard putting the brakes on and advising him to take it a step at a time. Then we visited furniture stores looking for a simple mini chest of drawers, and nearly choked to death on the prices. $550 for a two-drawer chest, people. The cheapest we found was over $130 on clearance. And it’s not like they were made of wood grown in a fairy forest and blessed by unicorns, for fuck’s sake! You can tell how long it’s been since I’ve looked for furniture by my sticker-shock, right?

But it wasn’t all annoying. I spent a pleasant bit of the morning down by the creek with Boo-Boo. It took some effort, but I got some photos of her. She’s so squirmy! She’s constantly moving around, getting your attention, making sure she still has your attention, demanding more attention… but look at how adorable she is! Continue reading “Adorable Pictures of the New Kitty, and a Very Odd Song”

Adorable Pictures of the New Kitty, and a Very Odd Song

Moving Day is a Very Dangerous Day

Well, my darlings, we made it.

I won’t say I’m happily ensconced in the new place. I hated leaving my peaceful apartment behind, with the dragonflies in the back yard, and the hummingbirds that would sometimes hover by the porch and demand I put in a feeder. I miss living alone already. And Misha is outraged by the entire notion of another kitty in the house. Just wait til the dog gets home – it’s currently on tour with its owner. It’ll take some adjustment for all of us. Continue reading “Moving Day is a Very Dangerous Day”

Moving Day is a Very Dangerous Day

Updates on Moving, Why I’ll Be Scarce for a Bit Longer

Oh, my darlings, this is hard.

I’ve had to sit myself down and have some stern talks about reality lately. Like, the fact we can’t live alone anymore isn’t a personal failure – almost no one in the Seattle area working the kinds of job I worked can afford housing by themselves anymore, hence a huge explosion in the roommate market. Even if I’d stayed with Ye Olde Day Jobe, I’d have had to get a roommie. But it’s hard. I’ve been independent for so long that it feels like major fail to be crawling into a home with other people. Continue reading “Updates on Moving, Why I’ll Be Scarce for a Bit Longer”

Updates on Moving, Why I’ll Be Scarce for a Bit Longer

Here’s Where to Find Me on Social Media

‘Tis the age of social media, indeed. I post a lot of random stuff to random places. Some of you may even want to follow me here, there, and maybe not everywhere, but at least at the places you frequent. So here is a convenient list for you! I’ve made it into a Page, which you can bookmark if you wish – I’ll keep it updated with any newfangled social media thing I get sucked in to.

If you’ve got suggestions for what you’d like me to post here, there, and everywhere, please do leave them in comments! I’m one of those old farts who started school when they still mimeographed worksheets, and personal computers were clunky chunks of thick plastic with monochrome screens that cost a fortune. You young people and early adopters can guide me aright.

Image is me leaning on the nickel-iron meteorite in the visitor's center at Meteor Crater.
Moi with awesome AZ meteorite.
Image shows me standing in front of a bunch of basalt at Dee Wright Volcano Observatory.
Moi at Dee Wright Observatory.


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Image shows me standing in front of Crater Lake. A bit of Wizard Island is visible to my right.
Moi at Crater Lake
Image shows me standing in front of a sedimentary formation, pointing at the basalt contact overhead.
Moi pointing to the contact between earth and fire at Seal Rock.


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Here’s Where to Find Me on Social Media


Sorry for the sporadic nature of posting lately, my darlings. Life got complicated in a hurry. I’ll explain in full later, but suffice it to say that all my best laid plans went agley, and I’ve been frantically trying to figure out how to fix it while also battling the good ol’ spring depression. Gah. At least lots of stuff was pre-loaded for ye. Continue reading “Updates!”


Recuperation Nearly Complete

It’s been quite the bumpy road back to health, but the destination seems to be within sight now. I’m telling you, recovery’s tough when you can’t eat adequately. Happily, I’ve now drained all of that bloody awful IV fluid, and can fit things in my belly, which is delightful. I’ve lost weight, but not quite as much as I feared I had, and once I take the last antibiotic this morning, my body can get back to normal function. Huzzah. I shall now proceed to eat ALL THE FOOD. Continue reading “Recuperation Nearly Complete”

Recuperation Nearly Complete

Hooray For Clean Blood

I don’t have to go live in the hospital after all – my blood came back clean, so oral antibiotics will finish the job nicely. In fact, I’d be feeling almost myself again if it wasn’t for 8 liters of IV fluid swelling me like sausage. Oy.

I visited our UW Urgent Care down the road so they could make sure I wasn’t gonna die of pulmonary edema, and get advice on how to make this wretched fluid leave me. It was gratifying to hear the doctor talking to the nurse in the hall before he came in, incredulously repeating, “Eight liters?”, which words have been my mantra whenever I look at my incredibly ballooned abdomen, my bulging ankles, my bratwurst legs, and my lil smokie fingers. He determined that my lungs and heart were holding their own despite the reduced room, so all we need to do now is let nature take its course. We’re not trying drugs because my poor kidneys are already unhappy enough, so it’s best not to antagonize them. We’re going to check them again on Friday, and if they’re recovered but I’m still Water Balloon Woman, we can drug the fluids out then.

Good thing I don’t love salt, because he recommended I keep my sodium low. I’ve already cut back drastically, because carbonated sodas and I aren’t currently on speaking terms. And I don’t salt my food, so I’m basically free to eat what I want. Now if I can only free up enough abdominal space to eat lots of it…

I managed a trip to Target all by my lonesome, and was able to haul everything upstairs without total collapse, so it’s Dana’s Independence Day. B would’ve done all that, but he’d been awake all night worrying after I sent him home for rest and didn’t sleep until I emailed at 4am to let him know mild fever all gone. Then he slept through the morning, and his brother took the car, leaving him stranded. It was a nice, sneaky way to force him to take the day off, really, and he needed it. If I’d needed help, there are other people I can tap, but I don’t think he quite believes that. That poor kid is getting so much TLC from me when I’m fully functional again.

So now, it’s just a matter of tottering around on swollen pins, and grazing throughout the day rather than having meals, and trying to be patient while the last of the infection is murdered and the excess fluid goes away. I anticipate long periods of napping. I’ll probably take several days off from the blog now, unless one of those suddenly-better events happens, in which case we’ll get right back to it. And, of course, either B or I will update you if anything goes wrong. So don’t fret at radio silence.

I love you, my darlings, and can’t wait to be really-for-reals back!

Image shows a cat face-planted on a bed. Caption says, "I will nap... HERE."




Hooray For Clean Blood