The Art of Aoife’s Visit

Seattle Center is a really fantastic place. It’s got all sorts of things going on, and basically is the one-stop shop for everyone in your group. Got introverts? There are quiet and contemplative areas. Theatre-minded folks? It’s got a whole area dedicated to them. Musicians? Plenty of stuff for them, including a whole museum. Sci-fi enthusiasts? Another museum catering exclusively to their interests. Science buffs? A whole center dedicated to their passion. Children? Gobs and oodles of things for them to do both indoors and out. Hungry people? Here’s a ginormous food court. So, basically, when you have out-of-town visitors, like, oh, say, friends from Ireland, you should definitely have Seattle Center on your list o’ Things To Do.

I mean, if nothing else, you’ve got to come stare at the Space Needle, right? Here, let’s have a look at it through a willow tree so old and enormous it has to be propped up. Continue reading “The Art of Aoife’s Visit”

The Art of Aoife’s Visit

Tour Mah Newly-Decorated Habitat

Over the last week, I’ve finally had it in me to do some decorating. All of my poor art has been languishing undisplayed, and my rocks have been living in boxes because the art was basically living on the surfaces they could occupy. I spent… lessee… eight hours today cleaning, re-framing, pounding nails, hanging, dusting, organizing, tracking down boxes, unpacking rocks from said boxes, and arranging said rocks in nice little displays. I don’t have nearly as many rocks out now as I did in Bothell, but at least most of my best ones are visible, my dragon is once again guarding its horde, and my walls are pretty fucking far from bare.

I was going to just post the photos to Facebook, but decided a blog post would actually be easier to do. If you’re interested in what my realm looks like, come on and see! Continue reading “Tour Mah Newly-Decorated Habitat”

Tour Mah Newly-Decorated Habitat

Representation Matters: Acting While Black Edition

Bear Bellinger explains what it’s like to be a black actor without the star power to push back against racism in the entertainment industry.


So when we yell #OscarsSoWhite, I stand here thinking, “So is the rest of the industry.” The inequality starts from the bottom and works its way to the top until it becomes fully institutionalized. And at that bottom level, where it begins, we don’t even have the insulation of money to help withstand the burden. We have to worry about that next paycheck to eat.

I couldn’t teach that white director that his concept of how black people respond to slurs ran counter to the truth of my life experience for fear of losing out on a job. When a white actor then used a slur with me onstage, I couldn’t walk away or demand his job for fear of losing a necessary paycheck and future income. And when a cop physically assaulted me to teach me how to play a part, I couldn’t exclaim my displeasure, as this was my big break.

I was voiceless.

This is why it’s not enough to have a token black guy, to have “diversity” in only one small aspect of a huge enterprise. This is why representation on all levels is hugely important. And we white folk need to be listening and have people’s backs when shit happens, as it inevitably will. Same goes for any majority interacting with minority folk. Men: have women’s backs. Straight people: back up the queer folk. Cis people: stand with the trans folk. And all of us must demand more minority folk be represented. Demand marginalized people be treated with respect, even when they’re not there to advocate for themselves.

We can change this shit, but we have to pull our weight, and listen, and believe people when they talk about their experiences.

"The Empty Stage." Image courtesy Photo Cindy (CC BY 2.0)
“The Empty Stage.” Image courtesy Photo Cindy (CC BY 2.0)
Representation Matters: Acting While Black Edition

Fabulous Art Reminding Us Our Bodies Belong to Us

One of the best things about being back on Facebook is the art. My feed gets filled with it. And sometimes, like in this case, it leaves me screaming, “Yes! Fuck yes! THIS!”

Image is a drawing of a Black woman wearing a yellow top and wearing a blue skirt. She has a bird in her hand, with hearts flying up from it. Beside her is a set of arrows pointing from her head to her feet, with the words, "I own this." Beside her is a paragraph: My body is not a democracy. It is an empire and I am its dictator. You do not get a vote. There will be no coup d'etat. Rebel forces will not overthrow me. I am in charge of it FOREVER."
Delightful, empowering art by Teafly. Image used with permission.

This fabulous piece is by Teafly, and she’s got it for sale in her Etsy store. It comes in a variety of choices, including a group portrait. All of them are awesome! I haven’t decided which I want yet, but a version of this needs to be hanging on my wall.

Continue reading “Fabulous Art Reminding Us Our Bodies Belong to Us”

Fabulous Art Reminding Us Our Bodies Belong to Us

Erratic Times on the Burke-Gillman Trail, Incl. a Mighty Bronze Croc

Have I got a crocodile for you! Also a sweet glacial erratic! Funny Diva and I went out for a nice Thursday evening jaunt along the Burke-Gillman Trail. Since I had to bring pizza to S, we parked at Log Boom Park and took the trail towards Bothell, so that we wouldn’t have to hoof it all the way back to Ballinger Way with a pizza box.

On the way, we encountered a crocodile. Continue reading “Erratic Times on the Burke-Gillman Trail, Incl. a Mighty Bronze Croc”

Erratic Times on the Burke-Gillman Trail, Incl. a Mighty Bronze Croc

Mount St. Helens Calendar Prints – and Moar! – Now on Sale!

It being close to 2015 and all, I got to thinking about calendars. Perhaps, I realized, folks might actually want one. Maybe they need one for the fridge, or their desk, or similar. Maybe they’d like an inexpensive one to hang upon their wall. So I dug round some sites, and discovered that Cafe Press makes a quite lovely 11 x 17 inch print calendar, all nice and glossy and colorful, for cheap! I designed you one, and here ’tis: Continue reading “Mount St. Helens Calendar Prints – and Moar! – Now on Sale!”

Mount St. Helens Calendar Prints – and Moar! – Now on Sale!

New at Rosetta Stones: Mount Baker At Last! Plus, a Genuine Watercolor

I’ve got the preliminary findings from our maiden voyage to Mount Baker up at Rosetta Stones for ye. You’re gonna love it.

You may also love this photograph of Mount Shuksan:

Image shows what looks like a watercolor image of Mount Shuksan.
Mount Shuksan reflected in a lovely tarn.

Looks sorta like a watercolor, doesn’t it just? It sorta is: this is Mount Shuksan as reflected in a lovely little tarn on Mount Baker Highway.

It’s the real thing – I’ve just played a bit with the brightness and such. Here’s the untouched version:

Mount Shuksan as reflected in the tarn.
Mount Shuksan as reflected in the tarn, without the fiddling around.

Okay, and I flipped it right-side up, too. See it in its non-reflected glory at Rosetta Stones, and find out why it’s really actually green.

New at Rosetta Stones: Mount Baker At Last! Plus, a Genuine Watercolor

Moment of Beauty: Cherry Blossom Rain by Jane

Fruit Tree Blooming Season here was a bit tricky – we had lots of gorgeous blooms, of course, but we also had rain. Rain rain rain rain rain and heywhodaguessedit more rain. There would be these glorious intervals of sunshine, but they’d either be gone by the time you dug the camera out or they happened when you were otherwise occupied.

It made taking photos nigh impossible. But oh, the result when you could grab one of those moments and run with it! Jane caught a sun break with her new smartphone: a fleeting instant of breathtaking beauty, preserved with such clarity that you can feel the cool, rainswept breezes from the storm clouds and taste a perfect drop of rain on soft petals.

Image shows a cluster of cherry blossoms covered in raindrops.
“Here’s my picture of the cherry blossoms bursting with raindrops taken with a silly phone!” Image courtesy Jane.

You know, I never thought anything would make me pine for rain again now that we’ve finally had a few days without, but all of a sudden, I wouldn’t mind a few drops of the stuff.

…   …   ……….

You know what, let’s settle for a sprinkler instead.

Moment of Beauty: Cherry Blossom Rain by Jane