Olde Catte on a Rugge (a la Physioproffe)

No, I haven’t got anything substantial. It’s about to be ridiculous hot without AC here again, so I’ve been working on perfecting the porch. So far, kitty approves. She certainly adores the rug we just got; she zipped out immediately to inspect it, then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening upon it:

Image shows my tuxedo cat sprawled in a Superman pose on a green and tan striped rug.
Misha approves this rug.

Yes, we did a substantial amount of work after shopping. Well, I did. She just loafed.

Misha has all legs tucked under.
Cat loaf.

Worked on what, you ask? Look.

Misha is sprawled out beside the BJU Earth Science lab manual.
Misha lies down near the job.

That’s right, my darlings. I’ll soon be rebooting our Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Ed. And this is prep for my talk. Excited? I hope so! There’s plenty of creationist dumbfuckery on the way!


(h/t Physioproffe – the title spelling is an homage to him.)


Olde Catte on a Rugge (a la Physioproffe)

5 thoughts on “Olde Catte on a Rugge (a la Physioproffe)

  1. 2

    Ahh, Physioproffe. My favorite guilty pleasure. Although you didn’t get him quite right, without a “fucken” or two in there. Certainly not to be applied to the catte, of course, but maybe to the creationists?

    Total agreement on the hot weather. I hate it. It’s hard to sleep.

    Note for readers outside the US Pacific Northwest: “Too Hot” here is anything over about 75F.

  2. rq

    I don’t know why people attribute this kind of spelling exclusively to PhysioProffe. Dana’s been doing it a good long while herself, only without the expletives (which, for the record, I enjoy reading in PP’s posts).
    I’d just like to know, though, how many fucketonnes of garlicke does a catte loaffe require?
    And nice rug. :) Can’t wait for more christian science!

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