New at Rosetta Stones: Moar Illinois Geology!

Clearing the backlog of reader-submitted awesomeness continues apace with some lovely shots of Jackson Falls, taken by our own Heliconia, who would’ve also gotten us images of Garden of the Gods if her camera battery hadn’t given her a fine fuck-you just then. Camera batteries are assholes that way. And you can never find the size you need when you’re traveling. Or, if you do, you end up paying a fortune – just ask Cujo about that sometime, if you want to hear a St. Bernard howl. Still. Despite setbacks, Heliconia didn’t forget us, and got us some lovely images of what the Pounds Standstone gets up to when it isn’t forming ginormous shrooms. Do go enjoy!

I’ll probably be in later today with more things, unless cleaning and organizing the house into a proper workspace becomes a time-swallowing uber-Thing, in which case, you may not hear anything substantial from me again until at least Thursday. Good thing there’s a maclargehuge backlog of reader submissions including many intriguing cryptopods, some bonza fungi, botany from around the world, and beautiful mystery flora to keep us all occupied, then, eh?

New at Rosetta Stones: Moar Illinois Geology!
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4 thoughts on “New at Rosetta Stones: Moar Illinois Geology!

  1. rq

    Those are some nice photos, and FIE on the camera batteries for dying.
    I know the feeling all too well, though. It’s why I didn’t get much of Sudbury photographed while I was there. *sigh* The undulating layers of rocks… Mmm-mm.

    Well done, heliconia! :)

  2. 3

    I haven’t had too many battery issues – I have spare, and a charge I can plug into the car. My issue is with memory cards that say “Pictures? I don’t remember any pictures.” Infuriating, and really expensive to get them retrieved.

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