FtB Con Is Coming! What Do You Want From Me?

Hey, check this out – there’s a new FtBCon happening August 22-24. Now, in the past, I haven’t managed to swing it, but I asked my new boss if I could have the time to participate, and she said,

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Asleep on the Job

So I’m assuming that means I have her permission, and I’m a gonna go for it. I’m giving a talk! On what? Well, I figured we’d talk about stuff. And things. Like, maybe, a little presentation on Christianist Earth Science textbooks? Or I can do a talk on some of the magnificent geology we’ve got here in the Pacific Northwest, complete with lovely photos and a theme of “See – you can still have a sense of wonder as an atheist!” Maybe you’ve got a different idea for the kind of talk you’d like me to talk, and I may say, “Hey – that’s totally something I can talk about!”

Tell me what you’d like by, oh, say, this Sunday (July 20th). Then I’ll figure out what I’m capable of delivering, and whip it up for ye.

And if the boss doesn’t like it, well, she shoulda woken up long enough to say something.

FtB Con Is Coming! What Do You Want From Me?
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6 thoughts on “FtB Con Is Coming! What Do You Want From Me?

  1. rq

    Anything. Absolutely anything.
    Though Mount St Helens would be amazing, too… That, and/or something current-issues-in-feminism-related.
    Or women geologists/scientists in history and around the world.
    Flowers, birds and medieval festivals also come to mind. How to sew sparkly things onto practical tote bags.
    Like I said, anything. :)

  2. 2

    a little presentation on Christianist Earth Science textbooks

    I think that’d be very instructive for everyone.
    Also: is it possible to determine what schools use those texts? How many children are being exposed to this flup?

  3. 5

    I like the female geologists subject but I also want swipes taken at xtian “science” textbooks, which can be done whilst showing the wonder available on this planet. There. That’s not too much, is it?

  4. 6

    Here are some ideas:

    * What was the Earth like in various past times? What would it have looked like if you could travel back in time in a time machine? Where was everybody’s ancestors back then? Ancestors of humanity, cats, some of the flora and fauna you’ve blogged about, …

    One may have to select some favorite place and a few favorite times to keep it simple. The North American west coast is a poor choice, it must be conceded, because it only dates back to the Mesozoic. Like most other relatively young continental crust, it’s plowed-up island arcs. PZ Myers’s home or Ed Brayton’s home may be better, but they have not been very geologically active in a *long* time.

    * Pseudoscience and intuitive plausibility. Could being intuitively plausible be an explanation of many pseudoscientific ideas?

    * Science by press conference: cold fusion, the arsenic bug, Eric Weinstein’s Theory of Everything, etc.

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