The Most Beautiful Moon I’ve Ever Seen

We haven’t even left yet, and the views are spectacular. The Moon at sunset tonight was magnificent.

Image shows the full moon surrounded by whispy pink clouds.
Sunset Moon

It was one of those fortuitous things. A few minutes earlier, a few minutes later, and it wouldn’t have been there, the way it was. Synchronicity. Lovely.

Image if of the moon and sunset clouds with a bit of forest below.
Sunset Moon with Lovely Forest

If this is even a hint of what the trip will be like, we’re in for some scenic times. Wait til I show you them…

The Most Beautiful Moon I’ve Ever Seen
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6 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Moon I’ve Ever Seen

  1. 3

    Very pretty. But of course it’s the most beautiful moon you’ve ever seen, because it’s the ONLY one you’ve seen. At least close up! (Sorry)

    @2, Anthony K: Dana’s got something going where the pictures in the post go into the banner. I like it!

  2. rq

    Apparently, it was one of those super-close-to-earth giant moons this month. Which may not make much of a difference in the viewing size-wise, but kind of adds to the ‘wow, amazing!’ factor.
    Had an amazing moon last night coming back in-country, but no photos. And not as nice as this. :)

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