Nature, So Green And Lovely

Did you have a nice weekend, my darlings? I hope you had a nice weekend. Our weekend was spent mostly indoors watching people beat each other up, and it rained on the 4th anyway, so I haven’t got any fireworks photos. And I haven’t got any photos of playing chase-the-little-green-apples with the kitties because I was too busy throwing apples to take pictures. In other words, we attempted laziness and mostly succeeded.

And there was near-constant eating. So. Much. Food.

We did head over to Juanita Bay on Sunday evening for a little light exercise, and I got a few near-sunset images you may like.

I quite enjoyed these tall waving grasses against the wetlands trees.

A field of grass. The tall grasses have seeded, so there is dark-green grass with amber seedheads waving gently in the lake breezes, and in the background, some tall old trees.
A field of grass.

And there’s a bird in this photo – I’ll let you explore for it.

Image shows the inner bay, filled with water lily pads, looking toward the tree-covered spit of land where the boardwalk is. There's a bird flying above one of the trees.
The beautiful bay.

The moon was out, and with the angle of the sun, some bits appear brighter than usual:

Image shows a half-moon in a blue sky. You can see the maria, and some brighter spots.
The moon.

Quite a nice water lily:

Image shows a white water lily surrounded by lily pads
A water lily

The water lilies haven’t got super-busy yet – there’s still only a few here and there.

Bellevue’s downtown was beautifully illuminated by the setting sun:

Image shows some of the high rises of Bellevue as seen from across the lake. The setting sun makes the buildings glow a bit pink.
Downtown Bellevue.

And here ’tis the whole shebang from the end of the boardwalk:

Image shows a lot of green marsh grass in the foreground, then the lake, then the Bellevue skyline.
Lake Washington at sunset.

I have a feeling I’ll end up at Juanita a lot once I’m (hopefully) gainfully self-employed. It’s peaceful and refreshing and the scenery is to die for.

Three days left. Doesn’t feel quite real, yet, and I’m afraid my place o’ work will find some way to make me stay. But if all goes well, when I leave Wednesday night, it will be the last time I do it as an employee. Then I can devote my entire life to writing for you. Well, that and creating fun and possibly clever things for folks to buy. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to turning the billion tons of rocks I’ve got into neato little things people might enjoy. And I’ll bet the cat will love it, too. She’s ancient, but she’s still got all her kitty curiosity, and she loves it when Mommy starts doing unusual stuff. It’s nice that I can spend the last years of her life making her happy.

Right. Off to prepare myself for the home stretch….

Nature, So Green And Lovely
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    Great photos thanks, looks like a great place.

    Hmm .. The tree with the dark bark in the first field of grass photo looks a bit like my local woody grassland ecology name-giver Grey Box* (Eucalyptus microcarpa) tree. Is it do you know?

    * Once covered most of Adelaide, now almost all gone, cleared and built over sadly – just a few scattered reserves and remnant bush areas. See :

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