Intimations of Summer Past: A Photo Essay for Those Brought Low by the Winter

Some of you have expressed a certain dissatisfaction with the temperature of the Northern Hemisphere lately. And I’m blue, too, I’ll admit: the weather forecast is rain, rain, more rain, rain plus snow, clouds, and rain. I’m stuck indoors with Christianist textbooks, some of which take ages to debunk, considering nearly every sentence is a lie. And B’s off to see the folks this week, so there’s a long stretch without the person who listens to me howl about fundies, joins me in some righteous outrage, and gives me the you’ll-get-through-it hug. Ugh.

Let’s have some sunshine, shall we? I’m going to do up a photo each from last summer’s adventures. And perhaps we’ll remember that the warm breezes will blow again, and the sun will shine again, and all this gloom will melt away for a while.


Image shows one of the bare rock peaks of the Cascades, a zig-zag of snow snaking down it, and forested slopes in the foreground.
Cascades, May 2013


Image shows the orange waterfall at Coal Creek, surrounded by bright green plants.
Coal Creek, May 2013


Image is of some wild waves on the river, whitewater crests lit by filtered sunlight.
Wenatchee River, May 2013


Image is looking south, with a ring dike and headlands visible.
Oregon Coast, May 2013


Image is a rainbow-colored cloud in the sky.
Snoqualmie Falls, May 2013



Image is a full-length view of the thin streams of Twin Falls
Twin Falls, June 2013


Image shows a view of the Olympic Mountains across the Sound with South Meadow in the foreground.
Discovery Park, June 2013


Image is a sunlight waterfall on Denny Creek.
Denny Creek, June 2013


Image shows Dry Falls, with water in the plunge pools and the brown basalt cliffs dappled by sunlight.
Dry Falls, June 2013
Image is looking up Icicle Creek, with the lovely white-streaked schist exposed on the banks.
Icicle Gorge, July 2013


Image shows the Sisters with a young basalt flow in the foreground.
McKenzie Pass, July 2013


Image shows the Sound and the railroad tracks along the shore.
Richmond Beach, July 2013


Image shows the basalt quarry.
Lord Hill Regional Park, August 2013


Image shows Mount Rainier with a forested valley in the foreground.
Mount Rainier, August 2013


Image is of a short, wide waterfall plunging, with a scenic footbridge arching over it.
Deception Falls, August 2013


Image is of pink water lilies on the pond.
Washington Park Arboretum, August 2013


Image is a knight on a galloping dapple-gray horse.
Snohomish Pumpkin Hurl and Medieval Faire, September 2013


Image shows the river with its gravel bars, and the snow-capped Cascades in the distance.
Al Borlin Park, October 2013


Image shows the view across the Puget Lowland, with Mount Baker in the distance.
Cougar Mountain, October 2013

Just think of what we’ll see when summer comes again…

Intimations of Summer Past: A Photo Essay for Those Brought Low by the Winter

11 thoughts on “Intimations of Summer Past: A Photo Essay for Those Brought Low by the Winter

  1. 3

    Also liked Dry Falls. The whole Grand Coulee is awesome. Of course, Sir Charles on his horse is pretty awesome too! Lord Hill Regional Park was completely unfamiliar, and turns out to be in the neigborhood! I’ll have to see about making a visit. You know, one of these days when it stops raining.

    I couldn’t help noticing lots of evidence of past volcanic events in those pics!

  2. 9

    There are two I find especially appealing. The coal creek waterfall is so lush and green, the term verdant comes to mind. I”m really looking forward to spring thaw.

    I also like the recreation of Monet’s Waterlilies.

  3. 10

    In case anybody’s still reading, we had a lovely day of winter sunshine yesterday! And it’s shining again today. Yesterday going down the hill into town (Port Townsend, WA) I had three of our volcanoes in sight all at the same time. Rainier was a bit obscured but Mt. Baker and Glacier Peak (our least known volcano) were awesome! And here’s poor Dana stuck reading creationist crap.

  4. 11

    Seeing these beautiful images made me thrilled and excited to embrace spring, which would not happen until later this month. Heavy snowstorms and the freezing temperatures had almost rendered us unable to move out of the house. Nevertheless, frigid days and nights are soon to be over! So excited!

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