Tough Kittehs and Cowardly Goggies

Our own Heliconia sent us this bit o’ hilarity. I about died laughing.

Misha only wishes she could do this to dogs. But Misty, the ginormous husky we lived with for a time, had too thick an undercoat to be impressed by a snarling, spitting cat with no front claws. Despite the teeth.

Bonus: cats and water, always good for a larf. (Warning for the tender-hearted: there are kitties getting a fishy at the end.)

Our big mama cat once made the mistake of thinking the tub was empty of everything except my mom. She loved to play in the tub. So just imagine this enormous calico cat, mean as sin and not shy about demonstrating displeasure, sauntering into a bathroom as a lady shaves her legs and her daughter babbles at her from a perch atop the toilet seat. Imagine both of us watching the cat, thinking nothing much of it until the kitty stops, gathers her hindquarters, flicks her tail, and begins her jump. Imagine both of us shouting at the kitty that there’s water in there as she sails through the air and sploosh. Imagine the chaos as the cat frantically splashes, my mother drops her razor and tries to get a grip on the cat without getting shredded, and water goes absolutely everywhere. I’ll never forget the image of that struggling, sopping, howling bundle of misery being lifted dripping, drooping and writhing with my mom holding her just under the forelegs with arms extended. Poor kitty and mommy. At least they both survived, although neither with dignity intact…. Still, you gotta hand it to my mother’s reflexes: she survived without bone-deep wounds. Good reaction time, that woman.

Tough Kittehs and Cowardly Goggies
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7 thoughts on “Tough Kittehs and Cowardly Goggies

  1. 1

    Is it just my bias as a Boxer owner or are they getting more popular? Anyway, that was my favorite part. The pawing at the bannister. And the kitty baths, always a winner.

    OK, so something mean I did (not really, just a harmless prank) was letting my bathroom sink drip for my kitty one time, except I used the controls under the sink to get her her preferred drip while the tap was open all the way. Once she had curled up I flicked my wrist and up she popped, vertical, all the way up near the lights. She had barely landed before she was out the door. Poor girl was leery of me opening cupboards under sinks after that.

  2. rq

    Did that one cat just skip across the water, like a flat stone?? I think my all-time favourite resigned facial expression is on the kitty in the blue bucket with the yellow washcloth on its head. It may be enjoying itself and relaxing, but that face just has a fatalistic resignation all over it.
    And the black swimming cat is all “Don’t tell mah friends, ok?”
    So cute!!

  3. 3

    I recently saw the first video – good thing the dogs are so well socialized and the cat is not dealing with a non-pack member canine. I have to wonder just what is so cute about this – of course I did think it comical when one of my old dogs treed a neighbor cat in the rafters. You might ask a vet just how funny this is for the ‘tough kitty’ when the cowardly dog has had enough.

  4. 4

    Cute, cute, CUTE!

    One our former cats loved playing in the sprinkler, especially the “wave” type that goes back and forth. He also enjoyed playing with a little stream of water coming from the hose, held by one of us He’d get soaked and it didn’t bother him a bit. The other cat at the same time would sit on the edge of the bathtub and let her tail dangle in the water.

  5. 5

    This is seriously weird. The cat at 0:29 is the image of one that infests my home. But what is really creepy is that the setting exactly resembles our bedroom door looking into the upstairs hallway. The door, the flooring, even the freaking wallpaper. But where the hell did that Corgi come from?

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