Guest Post: “I know better now.”

This is an email I received from my heart-sister Nicole, in regards to this post, on which she couldn’t comment because computers can be right assholes sometimes. I love this woman, people. You can see one of the countless reasons why right here:


I used to be one of those “just accept it” people, as you know. In fact, I used to be a card-carrying IFB, planned to go to college for an MRS degree kind of person.

I know better now.

And now that I feel my eyes are much more open, it makes me heartsick to see what is still allowed in what is called a developed nation. The idea that Americans are enlightened is a joke.

I want to help in any way I can. I’ll share posts, help promote you, whatever you need. You want to post on my blog? Say the word.

I am ashamed that for far too long I let things go, and by not doing anything, helped perpetuate a world that I don’t want my daughter to grow up in. I can’t do that anymore. I won’t. There’s no fucking reason for anyone to ever feel less-than.

Image of a dove and its baby snuggling together on a branch.

Oh, my fuck, yes. Exactly this.

And for those of you who haven’t been reading her blog, you’re missing out on a lot of excellent and thought-provoking posts. Go there. Now.

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Guest Post: “I know better now.”

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: “I know better now.”

  1. rq

    And I’ll admit, that, somewhat like Nicole, I’ve been more vocal (or textual? seeing as how my complaints have been mainly digital text in nature…) lately in large part due to you, Dana. Your example. :) It’s little things, little things, little things, but if we say nothing, they will never change, it’s true. And because of you (and other people, too, but very much because of you, too) I’m less scared to speak (write) out (and I do it with conviction, not that sad pathetic ‘well, maybe it might be a nice idea if maybe perhaps you could, you know, not do that…’ nervous way) – because I know I’m right and I know I’m not alone. And that helps, a lot. Thank you. And thank you, Nicole.
    And yes, I took a tour of your heart-sister’s blog – awesome!

  2. 2

    The idea that Americans are enlightened is a joke.

    Who the hell said the USA is enlightened? Not even the mouths-with-legs that like to bellow that “Mare-kah is the GREATEST country in the world!” never say that it is enlightened, because they don’t wan’t it to be enlightened. Partly because of the accident that Ben Franklin was one of our founders, and partly because we just happened to sit on a big ol’ pile of natural resources, the USA has been a place where it was easier than most parts of the globe for a poor person to become an over-rich asshole industrialist, but even that is getting harder because we are too busy creating multi-generational dynasties of over-rich parasites who lock up all the resources. But letting non white males have their turn at the game has never been on the agenda of more than a tiny sliver of the population, and even those who do champion some segment of the dispossessed usually see all other segments as competitors for the few crumbs they hope to wrest from the elites for their own pet cause.

  3. rq

    Maybe in America it isn’t touted as enlightened, but here, in the backwater of the civilised world, there is definitely an adoration of America that goes well beyond reality – the idea that we must emulate and be like them because look, they’re so enlightened! It’s definitely a Thing. Not a good thing, but…

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