Certified Heart-Thief Wilson. Plus, Misha Gets High

Brace yerselves. If you’re prone to screaming with incoherent adoration upon seeing a kitten, please let all pets, small children, people with fragile ears and/or states of being, and unsuspecting significant others know that noise is about to happen. Move breakable things away from the portions of the area around your computer or other device which may be clutched in a convulsive ecstasy. By clicking through to this post, you agree to hold ETEV harmless from any and all damages resulting from your viewing of this kitten.

Ready? Go meet Shelli’s new bebbe, Wilson.

Wilson strikes a pose for his debut.
Wilson strikes a pose for his debut.

I forget what he is. I don’t even care about the breed. All I know is he’s soo cute and I want one!!! But he comes from a kind and reputable breeder who carefully selects appropriate homes, and she’d take one look at the homicidal felid currently running my home and tell me I could leave the premises immediately. Sigh.

He’ll be coming home to live with my supervisor in just over a week. Expect to be flooded with Wilson, which should nicely compliment all of the Luna pics.

In other news, Starspider made a big ball o’ felted wool filled with catnip. It’s got Misha’s name all over it. It’s also now got her slobber, because catnip. I love getting my kitty high. Enjoy the following video, which has a very fun song from BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton.

As for substantive content, it’ll have to wait, I’m afraid. The last few days have been a whirl of social activity, and I’m off to recover by watching my cat get thoroughly stoned. Gotta rest up before the onslaught of Apple fans makes my life a misery. Oy.

You can contribute to our happiness by sharing your own cute kitty photos. Other cute animals, insects, plants, and even babies accepted. Links to independent artists who have happy fun times songs you adore would be a plus.

Certified Heart-Thief Wilson. Plus, Misha Gets High

7 thoughts on “Certified Heart-Thief Wilson. Plus, Misha Gets High

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    I love that cocked head! And I just had to stop typing to rub a furry belly. I love kitties! Couldn’t get the video to play on this computer, I’ll have to try another device.

    BTW, seeing the words “heart” and “Wilson” in the title lead me in a completely different direction!

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    Some years ago, I came up with a nefarious technique for getting recalcitrant sleepy teenagers out of bed – toss in a re-purposed sock filled with catnip. (It’s much more difficult for teenager to be angry at being woken up by an adorable goofy cat vs being nagged by parents.)

    These days, I’m working on making my own version of a felted catnip ball – the twist is that my construction uses felted cat hair. These guys generate lots of suitable hair.

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