Sooooo Tired…. A Kitten-Photo Essay

Don’t get the wrong impression from the following photos. Yes, there was much sleeping. But there was also quite a bit of playing. It’s just that after all the playing (and a bit o’ research), I’m with Luna: sooooo tired. So we are exploring that theme.

You know how kittens are. Little packets of energy moving at an appreciable fraction of the speed of light one minute, dead to the universe the next. She’d been playing before I got there today, and was thus passed out upon my arrival. Adorably, of course!

Asleep atop the fortress.
Asleep atop the fortress.

And she remained snoozing until we’d got some Doctor Who and a nice walk in. I have to say, I rather envy her. Today was one of those days when you never really do quite wake all the way up. Heat, humidity, lots o’ exercise the previous day… you know how it is. But we all did manage to revive enough to go play in the back yard. Kirby came home to join us, and a good time was had by all.

Then, unconsciousness again. I wandered downstairs after another episode, and found Luna once again sleeping adorably. Of course, she woke up when I fetched the camera, and gave me this look:

What? Whadda want? Trying to sleep here!
What? Whadda want? Trying to sleep here!

And then she put her little chin on the parapet of the fortress and contemplated whether further snoozing or getting up for five minutes would be most rewarding.

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question...
To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question…

I think we all know the answer to that one.

Definitely to sleep. No question.
Definitely to sleep. No question.

After a good long snooze, she was ready for her brother when he came back, and they engaged in a little MMA-inspired battle. Then there was chasing-feathers-onna-string-onna-stick. All this activity! Only one thing to do after physical exertion like that:

I just wanna go back to sleep...
I just wanna go back to sleep…

I agree, Luna. It’s clearly time to crash. Good thinking, that cat. Shall certainly follow her example in a few minutes.

I love how her markings are developing, all of the colors deepening and clarifying and becoming so much more vivid. And that ear hair just kills me. I’ve never seen such wild hair in a cat’s ears before. Her tail is becoming a bottle-brush, and she uses it for emphasis to great effect. Such a sweet little girl! I love my bundle of homicidal energy, but I hope the next one is a little more like Luna. It would be nice to live with a felid who didn’t regularly attempt murder, and yet managed to be outrageously cute anyway.

But all is peaceful in the Hunter household just at the moment. Misha and I had happy fun play times earlier, she “helped” me with the final bits of research for our next installment of the Mount St. Helens field trip guide (coming soon!), and she is now reminding me that us old farts need our sleep, too. Suppose I’d better join the kitties in somnolent bliss.

Sooooo Tired…. A Kitten-Photo Essay

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    Luna is adorable! Love what you wrote about kittens going in an instant from near-warp speed to dead to the world in an instant — LOL! Cats are soooo adorable, and your essay shows that nicely.

    I also enjoy your writings about geology. Fascinating!

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