Your Weekly Dose of Excruciating Cute

Just in time for Caturday! I took Friday off, so I got to spend most of the day with Luna, Kirby and B. The household has acquired a cat tree, which both kittehs adore. When I got there, they were both in the top tray, and Luna was giving Kirby a bath.

Givin' big brudder a wash.
Givin’ big brudder a wash.

She’s getting this washing thing figured out, although I’m told she currently sees this as a bit competitive. If Kirby tries to bathe her, she believes they’re playing a game, and tries to one-up him. Can’t wait to see that!

Gotta get behind the ears.
Gotta get behind the ears.

So of course that was freakin’ adorable, and then Kirby woke up.

Who? Wha?
Who? Wha?

And he was kinda like, “Oh, it’s that freak with the camera again,” and then he looked over at sister, and stuck his tongue out at her.


Then he started to get up, but only made it so far before he started falling asleep again.

I'll just sit here a minute and zzzzzz......
I’ll just sit here a minute and zzzzzz……

Luna sat there for a bit, and looked around, and looked at Kirby, and then flopped down all mystified.

No, silly, you're supposed to sleep like this.
No, silly, you’re supposed to sleep like this.

So that was enough squee to last the day, but they’d only just begun. After they both woke up, there was tons of playing with the aluminum-foil-ball-onna-string I’d made for Misha, who told me in no uncertain terms that such a toy was beneath her. Not so Luna and Kirby! They chased it up and down the stairs and all around the house, and a good time was had by all – so much so I didn’t get photos, but I do have one video where it got stuck in the ball-inna-track toy, and Luna was trying to figure out why it didn’t roll like the white ball, and it’s adorable. You’ll have a montage here in the not-too-distant future.

For those who may be marveling at how wide Kirby looks, I can assure you that’s all muscle under a fairly thin layer of kitten food. Dude’s strong. But he’s ever so gentle with his baby sister. Awwww!

In other news, Misha’s apparently entered a second kittenhood. Just recently, she started following me around all over the place, and looking for things to do, so I whipped out the bag o’ yarn and made her some toys. The  aluminum-foil-ball-onna-string wasn’t a hit, but the knots-of-yarn-onna-string surely are. I haven’t seen her this playful in years. And unlike all the other times we’ve had flirtations with the idea of toys, she’s sustained interest in these for more than a day. She’s even starting to play with B, so hopefully there will be some video of an elderly felid going wild for yarn balls. And if we get Luna over here, hilarity should ensue. As long as we do this while Luna’s still tiny, I think that Misha, while outraged, won’t get too violent. When my ex-parents-in-common-law got a new kitten, she always tried to hide from it. Got lots of exercise being chased up and down stairs, I can tell you. So this should be good for her, though I won’t upset her world completely by getting a permanent kitten of our own. She’s an only child, and she likes it that way.

Off to catch up on sleep. Had one of those nights where, after a superb and wide-ranging conversation, I couldn’t sleep because my brain was playing with shiny objects. You’ll get the results hopefully soon. Plan to put some twists in myth and turn the concept of Hell on its head. Heh.

That is, if I can tear myself away from kittehs…

Your Weekly Dose of Excruciating Cute

7 thoughts on “Your Weekly Dose of Excruciating Cute

  1. 1

    One of the best cat toys we ever made was a smallish but strong carcboard box, cut a one inch round hole in one side, install some dry kibble food and give it to the kitty. Ours loves shredding the boxes, they last a week or so with repeated taping up of displaced sides.

  2. rq

    I love the one of them sitting side by side, such posers! :D
    Misha might be showing a bit of jealousy, by the way – you play with other cats and you probably come home smelling of them, so she’s probably wondering a bit what’s up with that.
    Then again. second kittenhood is always good, too! ;)

  3. 3

    One of the most successful (and most durable) homemade cat toys I ever made was a rawhide boot lace tied in big loopy knots. Source of much amusement and competition for our twin Siamese kittens.

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