How Can You Stop Such a Wee Goofy Thief?

Sometimes there’s photos you’ve just gotta share. I came across this little vignette whilst searching for photos illustrating the concept of stealing food on Flickr and LOLed.

"About to steal food" by Derek Key on Flickr.
“About to steal food” by Derek Key on Flickr.

It’s just begging for a caption, innit? Feel free to give it your best in the comments. Once, of course, you’ve made the transition back to solid from liquid aaaawwwwwww.

I hope little dude got some noms.

How Can You Stop Such a Wee Goofy Thief?
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9 thoughts on “How Can You Stop Such a Wee Goofy Thief?

  1. 3

    It’s a trap! The big one is just holding out bait to the little one to lure him into the jaws of death! Or worse yet, the jaws of being swallowed alive!

  2. 7

    “Occupy Now!”

    Though I’m surprised you didn’t comment on what appears to be an inflating neck pouch with a credible eyeball decoration on it. Seems it might make his hear appear almost as big as the other guy’s.

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