“Needs an image illustrating oreogeny,” Chris Clarke says. Not happy with a geology prof’s work, are we? Well, then. Never let it be said I ignore reader requests – and I even fulfill them when I’ve got a bag of Oreos in the cupboard and the request comes in during an afternoon where I have some blogging time free. Voilá!

Oreogenic Belt.
Oreogenic Belt.

Stay tuned – I shot a whole series of photos illustrating oreogeny, and I’ll be writing them up on Rosetta Stones. We’ve gotten a tad too serious over there lately – time to inject a bit of sugary goodness.

Thanks for the inspiration, Chris! And thanks to Bob Lillie for the original idea – genius.


6 thoughts on “Oreogeny!

  1. rq

    Hmm… I have some ideas for this. Alas, Oreos are not available in this country, and my next shipment of Oreos relatives arrives in a month. Boo.

  2. 4

    I can see that Geokittehs will soon have a complementary Geocookies site. Just think of the possibilities – baking drop cookies illustrating sea floor spreading, chocolate chips and raisins demonstrating inclusions and conglomerates, etc. We need more edible education.

  3. 6

    Careful. This could get out of hand. It’s a short step from oreogenous zones to confusing subduction with seduction and tossing virgins into volcanoes (note, though, that slippery slopes are predominantly impediments to ascents).

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