Help Folks Forcibly Evicted by a Tornado

Y’all have heard about what happened to Moore, Oklahoma, right? You already know an atheist gave Wolf Blitzer the what-for? And there was the good news about the lady and her dog? Coolio. So I don’t have to pitch why you might want to throw some spare change their way.

Lots of atheist orgs are helping out:

Atheists Giving Aid

Foundation Beyond Belief

Humanists of Florida

Oklahoma Atheists (note “Rebecca Vitsum”)

I’m sure I’ve missed some – let me know your favorites if I have.

Also, Donors Choose is starting a fund for the teachers who will have to put their classrooms back together from scratch – you can donate to that fund here.

Thanks for lending a hand, my darlings!

Help Folks Forcibly Evicted by a Tornado