The Geo/Pun/Holmes Trifecta

Okay, granted, this takes off on the teevee/movie Holmes, not the book Holmes, but it’s still fun.

geo holmes

I’d love to talk forensic geology with Sherlock Holmes. If I get to kick around in an alternate universe, and can’t get to the one with The Doctor, that’s the universe I want to be in. Can some mad scientist somewhere please oh please make it so?

The Geo/Pun/Holmes Trifecta
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8 thoughts on “The Geo/Pun/Holmes Trifecta

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    I don’t think I want to be The Doctor’s companion. As Rory pointed out in the Series 5 episode I watched last night (Vampires! In Venice!) the doctor is a danger to anyone around him, by making them a danger to themselves.

    OOOH! Just realized Lockwood said “metaphoric”! Good one.

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    Excuse me for barging into this pun-fest, but I was wondering if Dana had seen the current highlyallochthonous blog. It is worth a look

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    ‘Slate here, you know, so I’ll scree ya laterite? Sweet drumlins, I’m off to bedding, gotta 9mohs job on my tectonic, could be an anticline though.

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    And… now I’ve got Ian Tamblyn’s ‘The Ballad of Mica and Magma’ going through my head. Played that one for a geologist friend of mine just so I could watch his facial expression during the hurricane of puns…

    Oooh, just did a Google search, and there’s a sequel as well, ‘The Ballad of Mica and Kim Berlite’, along with a whole ‘Epic Rockj’ CD of geology music. Well, I know what I’m listening to tonight.

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