New at Rosetta Stones: Sneak Peeks

We’re halfway through our trip, and I’ve got some enticing photos for you, my darlings. Soon, we’ll have a series of posts exploring several aspects of Oregon geology in detail, and you will love them. I promise! So many stories to share with you when I return, not to mention about six trillion photos.


New at Rosetta Stones: Sneak Peeks
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6 thoughts on “New at Rosetta Stones: Sneak Peeks

  1. 2

    Agree with Trebuchet. I loves me some lighthouses. Also, maybe a bird or two? Pretty please? Or a cool dragonfly? This promises to be a most exciting series.

  2. rq

    That first photo is just stunning. Absolutely stunning.
    Also, in relation to your previous post (cobra lilies): I love the fact that they like to grow on serpentinite. That whole snake theme… ;)
    (Can’t wait for more!!)

  3. 5

    Okay, now I’m REALLY homesick. That Smith River photo got me.

    I am excited to hear about serpentinite. I spent my early childhood living on Eight Dollar Mountain and it is such a special place. So. Many. Rocks.

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