An Outstanding New Addition to the FtB Family

I love it when we get new people here. I love it even more when they’re as awesome as Yemisi. I’ve only just started reading her and got sucked in the first night, ending up spending far more time with her words than I’d intended. She’s one of those bloggers who grabs my mind with both hands and stretches it out beyond its well-worn little ruts. So having her here on FtB where she’s nice and easy to see every day is awesome, and I hope you’ll all drop by and say hello and welcome and enjoy her as much as I have been.

Her intro post leaves me no doubt we have a superbly strong blogger joining us:

My tagline is Proudly Feminist, Proudly Bisexual and Proudly Atheist. These tags are not things I do part time or caps I take off when things get hot, as they often do, it is simply my life.  I live it every day, every minute, actually every second with no apology.

Hopefully her archives will be live soon, and I look forward to her new material. Welcome to the network, Yemisi!

oh hai kitten


An Outstanding New Addition to the FtB Family