Geologists are Punny

Geologic language is very conducive to puns. It’s inevitable: you get two geologists together in the same room, they’re gonna let loose with some geo puns. It’s as certain as gabbro being called “black granite” by purveyors of quality countertops.

And we can keep it up past the point of reason. But we’re very gneiss about it.

geo puns

Blue: I like rocks! I am a nerd!

Black: likes this

Purple: Geology rocks.

Green: Don’t take it for granite.

Green: Shale I continue?

Purple: Of quartz.

Green: Igneous is bliss.

Blue: Wow! I love this convo! Thanks for being so gneiss.

Green: It was sedimentary, my dear Blue.

Orange: You’re definitely one of the boulder people I know!

Yellow: Groaning!!!!! lol

Red: Don’t let erosion wear you down!

Cyan: Oh Blue, if you weren’t such a dol-i-mite make more fun of you!

Purple: I gravel at your feet, master of puns.

That is made of epic win. There’s some in there I hadn’t even heard! I’d better start rocking it, or someone might bring the hammer down.

(Thank you, I’ll be here all week…)

Geologists are Punny
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