Sunday Song: Something That May Leave You Traumatized for Life

But the geology in the background is spectacular in this one.

I stumbled across that accidentally, and stared in disbelief for a moment (YouTube had recommended it as similar to some symphonic metal thing, and I was wondering what crack machine intelligence smokes). Then the geology got to me, and there’s just something about that song that makes it not bad. Actually kinda good.

I’ve had a day much like that video: fun, but bizarre. I’ll tell you one thing: assembling a desk chair with a gay man can be one hell of an exercise in innuendo. Which reminds me of another song:

Yeah, the double entendre was flying fast and thick. Once we’d cracked one joke, we couldn’t say anything else without it being twisted. That’s what I love about my gay friends. We can let go and have so much fun. The things Zog and I used to do at karaoke… well, let’s just say they would have been seriously misconstrued if everyone didn’t know his orientation. Then there was the raunchy fun time on stage at Rocky Horror. Those were the days.

And I’d like to thank Cori for doing up my desk chair. Even though I never got to see it the way one normally sees office furniture, I do have to say, assembly has never ever been quite so unique.

Sunday Song: Something That May Leave You Traumatized for Life

5 thoughts on “Sunday Song: Something That May Leave You Traumatized for Life

  1. rq

    Your music selections this week are… interesting. ;) Without your text in between, the connection would be lost. In fact, I don’t think there is a connection between your two songs, except Yay for Fun-Times! :)
    It’s sunny again today and some snowdrops are sprouting up on the lawn. This makes me happy. I can’t wait to prune the roses. And everything else. Still need to wait for more snow to melt, but a couple more days like today, and it should be down to a manageable level. *hugs*

  2. 2

    The Poison song was much better than the Kontrast song, but the Kontrast video was better. Now I think I’ll listen to some Steeleye Span to get my mind back to where I’m most comfortable.

  3. 3

    …and I was wondering what crack machine intelligence smokes

    That reminds me of Transmetropolitan, where the main guy’s black market maker (a machine that uses nano-robots to synthesize anything you want) starts making it’s own machine drugs, gets high and can’t follow instructions properly anymore.

  4. 4

    ….innuendo… I see what you did there! Or is it just my dirty mind?

    Speaking of desk chairs, one of the first things I was told when I was first diagnose with carpal tunnel was to raise the chair and/or lower the desk. Something I figured out on my own was to mouse with the left hand, which changed my situation from fairly severe symptoms in the right wrist to just moderate symptoms on both sides.

  5. 5

    One other question, have you gotten a trackball. Back in the day I was working it was recommended over a mouse to minimize carpal tunnel. Unfortunatly the MS trackball is no longer available, but there are others. You might also be able to get the folks at work to buy one for your use there. (Back in the day large monitors were more expensive, but I manged to use this also to get a 17 inch monitor, to minimize eye strain, of course today 22 inch monitors cost so little anyway it would not be much of an issue if there is cubicle space.

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