Cryptopod: The Unseen

Something big and complicated and not volcanic is coming your way tomorrow, my darlings. I’ve been busting me arse on research, while in the midst of adjusting to medication (a story for later), and let’s just say I’m spent. So we’ll make this one short, but very sweet.

One of the things I like about photography is what I see that was previously unseen. I’ve got three quite nice little arthropods quite by accident.

Cryptopod I
Cryptopod I

Didn’t see them out in the field, but I love this photo, with these little winged creatures marching along single-file. I suspect they’re some sort of gnat, but I could be wrong.

Then there was the stone wall – and wait until I show you it, you’ll love it – and I found a decrepit old web, and thought it was quite picturesque, so I took a few shots.

Artsy web interlude.
Artsy web interlude.

I didn’t realize the maker was still in residence.

Cryptopod II
Cryptopod II

I’m still finding it hard to see in the first photo, even though I know where to look. So very tiny.

Insect life is beginning to abound. I’ll be keeping you arthropod aficionados busy soon.

Cryptopod: The Unseen

6 thoughts on “Cryptopod: The Unseen

  1. rq

    Wow! The things that pass unseen… Hooray for photoshop and lots of megapixels? :D
    I’m going to pass on any kind of identification today, just spent 2.5 hrs walking around our new city town with a willing three-year-old (and sleeping under-year-old), and, though the three-year-old is indeed willing, he is also both (1) easily distracted and (2) very short-legged. Even at the slow pace, pushing a stroller through the semi-ice/snow/slush up and down hills and along the river isn’t easy (and while the slow pace might leave one with the impression that we didn’t cover a lot of ground, I can attest to the opposite). ;)

  2. 2

    I think #1 is some sort of leafhopper/planthopper (I can’t really be more specific than this, but anyway, little hemipterans related to cicadas). As for spiders, I really know nothing.

  3. rq

    I saw some blooming pussy willows during our walk today, too. A tad early for these latitudes as well. (But it was only the one, so it may have mixed things up a bit. ;) )

  4. 6

    I am shocked that the arthropod is still unidentified after two whole days!

    That is a midge, possibly Rhabdophaga strobiloides, newly emerged from a gall and looking to lay eggs in the buds to create next years hatch of midges.

    Each species of midge makes a characteristic gall. There are some good photos here.

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