New at Rosetta Stones: Interview Madness!

Chris Rowan has posted his interview of me, and I have posted about his posted interview, and now I am posting about posting about etc. It’s a good thing I haven’t got a third geoblog or this could have got rather fractal.

I’ll be returning from hiatus soon, hopefully. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and hugs and encouragement – there are many things in this ol’ life I couldn’t do without you, and this is one that I would have managed, but not nearly so well. I miss you! I can’t wait to return bearing lovely photos for you. There are also difficult subjects to be tackled. This shall be done. And then we shall have more beautiful things, because they do help us handle the difficult ones, as well as being wonderful in their own right.

Love and hugs, my darlings. See you soon!

New at Rosetta Stones: Interview Madness!

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