Caption Contest: Loud Seagull is Loud

There’s a cartoon just begging to get out in this photo sequence. I know some of you are creative and funny – this looks like a job for you! Participants will get posts of their own, and we’ll have a reader vote at the end to determine who wins. And what’s the grand prize, you ask? Well, aside from the praise and adulation of all of us here, you’ll get your very own badge in the sidebar. Are you excited yet?

Yes, you’re allowed to download, modify, fold, spindle or mutilate these photos in your quest for great art.

Right. Off you go. Put words in this seagull’s beak!

Seagulls 1
Seagulls 1
Seagulls 2
Seagulls 2
Seagulls 3
Seagulls 3
Seagulls 4
Seagulls 4
Seagulls 5
Seagulls 5
Seagulls 6
Seagulls 6
Caption Contest: Loud Seagull is Loud
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9 thoughts on “Caption Contest: Loud Seagull is Loud

  1. 2

    Stupid humans, didn’t bring anything to share.
    No manners at all…
    Mmmm. How about we get some takeaway?
    I really feel like a bag of crunchy chips. Got some change?
    (looking forward to this!)

  2. 4

    square dance caller’s cadence

    1. It’s Ladies right and Gents to me
    Side by side, now step to the sea!

    2. Splash by a rock, out you wade
    Over a ripple, now Promenade!

    3. Paddling out, not gonna fly
    Water’s too deep, now pull on by!

    4. Keep on dancing, don’t need a lull
    Ladies turn left, now bow to the gull.

    5. Shark in the water, waiting all day
    Lady gull listen, now fly away!

    6. cricket’s chirping
    Hey! You don’t fly that far!

  3. rq

    1) So, uhhhh I’m really glad you agreed to go on a date with me. (Seagull 2 thinks: Let’s make this a quick one.)
    2) *awkward silence* (Seagull 2 thinks: Aaawwwkwarrrrrd…)
    3) *awkward silence* (Seagull 2 thinks: Stop looking at me like that!)
    4) Boy, this is going to be so much fun! (Seagull 2 thinks: What the hell is that?)
    5) *stunned silence*
    6) Can I walk you home?

  4. 7

    I must disagee with your identification of these birds as Glaucous-winged Gulls. Note the *black* wingtips. Glaucous-winged Gulls have wingtips that are the same pale gray as the mantle. Although the birds in the first three photos appear to have pale gray mantles, I believe this due to the angle of the light. In the later photos, the mantles appear dark, which is good for WESTERN GULL (WEGU). The clean white heads are also indicative of WEGU; Glaucous-wings have splotchy streaking on the their heads in winter.

    See here – – for a discussion of “shades of gray”

  5. 8

    Seagulls frames 1 through 6 ….The one night stand…

    Frame # 1
    ….Last night was very special.
    I didn’t know it could be like that.
    I have never felt like this beforeā€¦.

    Frame # 2

    Frame # 3
    …..I’ve said too much….haven’t I ?

    Frame # 4
    What, you think you can just bow out gracefully and fly away….

    Frame # 5

    Frame # 6
    …Uh…Ok…Call me !

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