Your Daily Dose of Devastating Cute

Starspider likes to do this thing where she tries to make me go into a diabetic coma at work. She sends me stuff like this:

Kitteh surrogate for babie duckies
Something about this is just Not Right.

I’ve heard burdens are easier to bear when others can help you carry the load. Please help me….

You know what, though? I can retaliate. Oh, you betcha. Japanese dwarf flying squirrels!

Pteromys momonga
Pteromys momonga. You are PWND, Starspider! Image courtesy Paladin Studios.

Oh, wait, there’s more!* I haz an arsenal.*** Let’s see who ends up in the ICU on an insulin drip now, huh?***


*Do not click this link if your health is fragile.

**Nor this one.

***All of my readers? Whoops. Sorry!

Your Daily Dose of Devastating Cute

9 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose of Devastating Cute

  1. rq

    I’m out in the first round. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!
    (Also, my supply of cute comes from links like this, not from any sites that I actually know myself. :P So, I’m dependent.)

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