Metal Cred – I Still Haz It

My old friend and former coworker Hank posted this to my Facebook timeline. He knew I’d get it.

Black Metal LOLcat
Yep. You sure did.

If you utter a dark laugh and require no explanation, then you, too, have metal cred. If you need an explanation… well, then, whatever metal cred you may have, it ain’t of the black metal variety.

Metal Cred – I Still Haz It
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10 thoughts on “Metal Cred – I Still Haz It

  1. 3

    I already knew about the death of Euronymous. The guy was a bullying asshole who thought that because he was a popular musician he could get away with pretty much anything. If knowing that gives me metal cred then I offer my share to anyone who gives a damn.

  2. rq

    I’m sorry, Dana, but I have to – is no one else bothered by the fact that this is about murder?
    Maybe I’m not metal cred, or I’m too sensitive, but I’m really, really uncomfortable with this post (no, that doesn’t mean you should take it down; I’m just going to tell you why I’m uncomfortable). Saw the cat and the text, and I thought, Oh, another one of those musical metaphorical something-or-other-happened things. Fine.
    Then I read the story, and… Sorry, was there supposed to be humour somewhere? What with the cat and the word-play? Because I seriously don’t get it (yes, it could be just me). This is murder that’s being made into a joke. And the first response is, He was a dickhead. Or an asshole.
    I’ll give you that, he certainly did sound like an asshole and a dickhead. Maybe he wasn’t a great person. But does that make him ok for murder? Is being an asshole now bad enough that anyone at all can remove you from the gene pool? Maybe he was plotting all kinds of things… Well, I was under the impression that there are other ways to deal with that kind of thing, especially in socially advanced Norway (police, anyone??).
    And there’s the fact, on a more personal level, that it’s a stabbing. I’ll tell you now, I work in a forensics lab, and even though all I get is the evidence, stabbings are the worst because there is blood absolutely everywhere and it soaks all the clothes and all the shoes and it’s crusty and it’s dirty and you know it’s someone’s human blood and it’s really hard to make it into anything even remotely funny. (Black humour among colleagues does occur, but it’s directed mostly at the person doing the examining/investigating job, rather than the victim and/or perpetrator.)
    Sorry, Dana, but my response seriously was, What? And then I thought about it because I couldn’t let it go, and so this is my opinion, and I do find this post distressing.
    If throwing away someone’s murder because he was an asshole and now we can make kitty memes out of it gives me metal cred, don’t want. :( (I also get that that probably wasn’t your intention with this post… Kind of came across that way, what with being somewhat vague about your intentions besides the metal cred bit. Sorry if I totally, totally missed the point of this post.)

    (And I repeat, this is a just-so-you-know, because I may comment here a lot more than elsewhere, but I’m not your only reader, and it is only my personal feelings on the post. Besides, it had to happen sometime, right? I mean, you writing a post that I don’t like. :) Statistics, no?)

  3. 7

    I’ve been thinking about what you said for some time now, and struggling with how to respond. Because you’re right – it’s murder, and just because a man is an asshole doesn’t mean he can be killed, and his death made a joke. I didn’t get the sense that anyone here thought that – saying “That guy was an asshole” doesn’t automatically imply “and he deserved to die.” I hope no one meant that.

    I see that graphic as belittling a murderer more than a victim, but I can see it through your eyes, too. I’m glad you spoke up.

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