A Further Update

Oh, my fuck, you guys, I just finished our dragonfly porn, and it is a masterpiece. Now all that’s left is to hope the musician checks his email and grants his permission to use his music for this purpose, as I’ve bloody well gone and lost his phone number. Sigh.

If he withholds permission, which I hope isn’t likely, I’ll need someone musically inclined to whip us up a bow-chica-wow soundtrack. Don’t worry. You retain all rights to your music, but you don’t have to reveal your real name if terminal embarrassment prevents you from using other than a pseudonym. I can help you think of a suitable ‘nym if you haven’t already done that “what’s your porn name?” game with your friends.

Either way, this will be brilliant, one of the most entertaining things we’ve ever done here at ETEV.

I can’t bloody wait!

A Further Update
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3 thoughts on “A Further Update

  1. rq

    Ok. Cliffhangers in anticipatory volcanic posts, ok. But for dragonfly porn? This qualifies as torture under the Geneva Convention!

  2. 3

    Looking forward! Meanwhile, we got a new camera and I spent half the last few days snapping UFD pictures! I really must look at a few of them tonight and see if any are worth sending along. I did get an adorable quadruped picture or two that I’ll probably send anyhow.

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