Off to the Blast Zone

My intrepid companion and I are off to Mount St. Helens for the weekend. We’ve got a full dance card: quite a bit of hiking on Saturday, and taking Suzanne for her first look at the mountain on Sunday.

View of blast zone from Johnston Ridge, Mount St. Helens, WA. September 2011.

This means I’ll have limited access to the intertoobz, and first-time commenters will be stuck in moderation until I can set you loose. Sorry! If it’s any consolation, at least you’ll have lots of delicious photos of one of the most geologically fascinating places in the continental US soon.

I’ve got posts pre-loaded, so the blog will chug right along. Wish me luck getting some great St. Helens UFDs. At least there aren’t so many trees for the little buggers to hide in…

Off to the Blast Zone
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2 thoughts on “Off to the Blast Zone

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    *squeal* i’m so excited about going up there with you. thank goodness you are getting all that sweaty hiking stuff outta the way saturday — hope ya bring lotsa water — its gonna be a very hot weekend

  2. 2

    Love this! I went once, and man, that was an awesome experience!

    I have so much respect for the folks who do science on that mountain, and for the ones who died doing it. They’ve taught us so much useful stuff.

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