Derpy Caturday

I had to make a choice: blog, or watch classic Doctor Who whilst scrubbing shiny rocks to make them shinier. Considering my brain decided at the end of day Friday that it was done for the week and clocking out early, I chose the shiny things with aliens. And today has consisted of pounding on shiny things to extract more shiny things, and create smaller slabs of shiny things to give away to folks who like shiny things but don’t want monster-sized rocks to haul around.

I’ve done a desultory bit of research in preparation for showing you waterfalls and other delights, so those will be forthcoming as soon as I’ve got the photos selected and edited. In the meantime, I shall distract you with a delightful find via the Bloggess: Derpy Cats, wherein you will find delights such as this:

And this:

Why, yes, you can say sayonara to the rest of your productivity. You’re welcome.


Derpy Caturday

7 thoughts on “Derpy Caturday

  1. 2

    Derpy cat no. 4 for the win! Cat! Pumpkins! I’d totally hurl those. But not the cat.

    My cats, of course, are never derpy. Whatever “derpy” means.

  2. F

    Well these pics have cats bein’ all teh derp, but I don’t find most of those others very derpicious. However, my cat is a moron and prone to some derpiness, so I’m not missing much.

    Much classic Doctor, however, I am missing from my diet. I miss this.

    Also, this is awesome: The Ten Doctors

  3. 7

    Daffy: It’s blogging season!
    Bugs: It’s Doctor Who season!
    Daffy: It’s blogging season!
    Bugs: It’s Doctor Who season!
    Daffy: It’s blogging season!
    Bugs: It’s blogging season!
    Daffy: It’s Doctor Who season!
    Bugs: OK, Doc, you win. We’ll watch Doctor Who.

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