Sunday Song: Fun With Drugs

Thank you, all of you, for your enormous outpouring of support. I figured I’d get a few “Yay good luck!” comments. I got so much more. With this sort o’ backing, I think this might actually work!

It’s also nice to know I’m joining such an awesome crowd of quitters. Quitting drugs is one form of quitting I can wholeheartedly endorse – especially when the company’s congenial.

I filled my scrip for Chantix today, and the dreams have already started. Merely having it in the house, unopened, led to a nightmare in which Doctor Who was canceled. A truly terrible nightmare indeed. This is some powerful shit.

Since I’m about to start a prescription drug, I’m thinking about drugs, and one of my favorite songs about drugs ever.

Velvet Acid Christ is one of those bands my friend Cameron Lee suggested when I went to him for techno suggestions. When I write, I try to play music the current viewpoint character would like. Unfortunately for me, August Santana is a techno fan. Cameron knows how not-enamored I am of dance music, so he found things that had the techno feel with some metal cred. Saved my life, he did. I was afraid I was going to end up with several club mixes and suicidal ideations.

The moment I heard “Fun With Drugs,” I knew I loved VAC. Then I heard “Satan Complex 42,” and the deal was done.

One of my other favorites from that foray is VNV Nation. Rather more upbeat than VAC without being pollyanna, fantastic lyrics and sound, gorgeous.

Speaking of farthest stars, I’m off to Oregon. I’ll have intermittent access to the intertoobz, and I should have some fabulous pictures for you soon. This is fun without drugs, of which I’ve always found plenty. Lockwood and I are dragging Virginia transplant Aaron Barth with us to Quartzville. This is going to be fantastic. And there’s plenty of room for extras, so if you happen to be near Corvallis and free on Monday, let me know – if you can drag your ass out at seven in the ay-em and face at least twelve hours of intense geology, you’re completely invited.

Fun times, my darlings! We can haz them. And if you can’t make it, no worries – I’ll make sure you get a vicarious vacation you’ll not soon forget.

Sunday Song: Fun With Drugs
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    VNV Nation is one of my favorite bands ever.

    Apart from Matter + Form(this album needs to be erased from time), it’s all consistently good stuff. Check out the Empires album if you haven’t already.

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