New on Rosetta Stones: St. Helens Gets (Even More) Dramatic

Yes, indeed, volcanoes are dramatic things. Especially when some absolute bugger of a blogger has been stringing you along for weeks and weeks. But there you go, my darlings: thrills, chills and things blowing up.

Whoops. Did I just break the dramatic tension?

New on Rosetta Stones: St. Helens Gets (Even More) Dramatic
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3 thoughts on “New on Rosetta Stones: St. Helens Gets (Even More) Dramatic

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    Excellent as always! One of the interesting things, to me, about the Mt. St. Helens story is that the activity came as a bit of a surprise — the mountain everyone expected to do something was Mt. Baker, east of Bellingham. It had been showing increased activity for about five years prior to the St. Helens events. For a time, there was even a warm, highly acidic lake on the summit.

    The most dangerous of our volcanoes is, of course, Mt. Rainier. And they continue to build houses on the Lahar plain around Orting.

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    I live in Renton, WA and look forward to each chapter of the story to relive it. A beautiful mountain, Mt Rainier is probably the most rotted and dangerous in the lower 48.
    My family is from Tornedalen. Northern Sweden and Northern Finland. The music and the landscape are where I go at the edge of my mind.

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