SSA Week Geology Challenge

Right. So. There’s this group called the Secular Student Alliance, which is a fantastic group and deserves support. You might have noticed many of my fellow FtBers doing insane things like blogging twenty-four hours straight for the cause. Jen and Natalie are in the final stretches of their respective blogathons as I write this. If you’re wondering why you should support the SSA, all you need to know is right here.

Now, I’m not capable or crazy enough to blog for 24 hours. Nor am I going to shake you down for cash. You absolutely should donate if you would like. But I still owe folks stories for Donors Choose (they will happen, just as soon as I get my Muse to return), so I’m not going to promise you future rewards this time. No, what I’m going to give you is some instant gratification, and it won’t cost you a single, solitary dime. How awesome is that?

Here’s how it will work: we’re having a geology challenge. Throughout the day, I’ll be posting pictures of various geological points of interest and/or features. We’ll have a total of five. I’ll donate $10 to the SSA in honor of the first person who correctly identifies the location and/or feature.

I did a trial run on G+, so we’ve got our first honoree. Cynthia correctly identified this image as Snoqualmie Falls, WA:

Snoqualmie Falls

I’d throw in a UFD for the challenge, but all we managed today was the arse end of a robin, so never mind. We’ll stick to rocks this time round. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert geologist, though: some of the challenge pictures will be locations that are fairly well-known, so you’ll have a chance to make me cough up cash on your behalf.

The goal is $100,000. We’re just a smidge over $10,000 away. My $50 may not go all that far towards completing the last 10%, but small donations add up. So, if you have a few pesos of your own you’d like to contribute, toss them at the Donate button below.

We’ll get properly started this afternoon. Ready, set…


SSA Week Geology Challenge