Post-SSA Week Geology Challenge Numero Cinco!

Lockwood DeWitt won Challenge #4 handily, which makes the SSA a total of $40 richer. I knew someone would remember what Evelyn and I were up to last month! Ron did, too, but gracefully bowed out.

This is the last, though, so it’s all hands on deck. We’ll let my intrepid companion furnish the last challenge photo:

Geology Challenge Photo #5. Image courtesy Cujo359

I want two things: what kind of feature this is, and where this particular one is. If I can’t have both, I’ll take the kind of feature and how they form. But I’ll bet one of you can pinpoint its exact location.

Ready? Go!


For those who wish to donate themselves, the button still works fine:

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Post-SSA Week Geology Challenge Numero Cinco!
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7 thoughts on “Post-SSA Week Geology Challenge Numero Cinco!

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    Are those the lava balls at Lava Butte, south of Bend? Lava balls form when lava break loose, rolls down-flow, and accretes a rind of lava on the exterior, like a snowball.

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