FreethoughtBlogs Just Got That Much More Awesome

Sometimes, I have no idea what I’m doing here, and I mean that in a good way. It’s nice to blog on a network filled with so many consistently awesome people. And we’ve just added two kickass atheists to the bunch: Zinnia Jones and Ashley Miller. They’re the vanguard for our videoblogging horde. Not only do they vlog, they blog, and they are outstanding writers. With Ashley and Zinnia, I think we have achieved a majority share of awesome atheists online. And dere r moar on teh wai!

Suddenly, taking over the world doesn’t seem like an impossibility…

FreethoughtBlogs Just Got That Much More Awesome

3 thoughts on “FreethoughtBlogs Just Got That Much More Awesome

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    If you do take over the world, can you please slow its rotation rate down a little – not as much as Venus or Mercury of course – just enough to add maybe two or three extra hours in the day! I’m kinda going to need them if I’m to even try and keep track of all the great blogging here! Cheers!

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