Saturday Song: Broken Bridge

This song has been randomly playing in my head lately, and it’s gorgeous, so here we go.

There’s one person in particular who’s shaped my musical tastes: Cameron Lee. Saying one person had all that influence may sound like the lexicon is limited, but this is a man who loves everything from Emperor to Aqua (and was not above playing those two sequentially). Put it like this: if only his music collection survived a world-wide catastrophe, you’d still have rescued a considerable chunk of humanity’s creativity. I’m not sure if there’s a single genre not represented.

So, he got me in to black metal. But he also found independent bands and artists who are incredible, some virtually unknown, deserving of far more attention than they get. He introduced me to Daughter Darling, and I shrieked in despair when, after one album, they vanished.

I adore “Broken Bridge.” And I think “Absconding” is one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs ever performed.

So you can imagine my howl of anguish when Daughter Darling was no more. Then I discovered Natalie Walker had continued on her own, and it was okay. There’s one song in particular on the Urban Angel album, “Quicksand,” that I’ve used as an anthem when times get rough.

Things aren’t particularly rough right now, but it’s still an anthem, and hopefully it will lift more than one person up who needs it. Music has got that power.

Saturday Song: Broken Bridge